About Fredrik Sweger

Fredrik collects under the title “Imaginethoughts” and the site www.imaginethoughts.com his ideas, projects and artwork. Through the images, sculptures and texts Fredrik examines different narrativs of identity, transience, time and memories usually with everyday life as foundation. In Fredriks photography life is transformed into an unfinished story, dreamlike sequences, unclear threads, it turns out at distances in rare perspectives or in each other as overlapping segments. There is a lot we cannot understand through science. Everything may not be linear and logical. With art, you can at least approach and express - the wonder of the incomprehensible. The goal of these reflections is to capture something permanent, a symbolic truth in order to construct a broader understanding of what the world really looks like and what it is that makes life worth living. The editions that are for sale are printed on the best available photographic paper. They are signed and numbered. Shipping included. Please contact Fredrik for further information.